Why little h? My dad is BIG H.

little h was born in 1977 in a garage in Bethesda, Maryland. Returning from a trip to Community Hardware with my Dad, I had a brown paper bag of 8d nails in one hand and a bundle of scrap wood under my arm. The rest of the day was spent in the garage banging out tanks and airplanes. There is still quite a bit of that seven year old boy in my approach to woodworking and design.

The creative process for my music, design and photography is not all that different from my approach to woodworking. Give me some tools and I will make something. Don't embellish unless the subject calls for it. Inspiration comes from Leo Fender, Donald Judd, Aaron James Draplin and Bill Frisell.

Send a message and we'll talk about your project. Let's make something together. Never stop learning. Never stop teaching.

Stephen Harrison