Sounds For Your Head 02

Released August 9, 2020

Available on Bandcamp

For the fading light on a Sunday evening.

For the fog settling in on a summer day in the Pacific Northwest.

For the loneliness weighing heavy in your heart.

  1. So You Say

  2. On Your Left

  3. SFYH02

Sounds For Your Head 01

Released March 31, 2020

Available on Bandcamp

I've been listening to these mournful tracks over and over again. I hope they provide you with a little respite from these strange days. Thank you for listening.

  1. Ready

  2. Movement Begins

  3. Red

  4. Next

  5. What?


These sounds are created in a very organic fashion. Most tracks are the result of live looping guitars and synthesizers.

All can be found on Bandcamp and many on Spotify.

Headphones and a darkened room are not required, but highly recommended. Thank you for listening.